We Shape Solutions for

Better Healthcare Outcomes

We Shape Solutions
for Better Healthcare Outcomes


The EVH team is a dynamic and collaborative group of professionals with a wide range of health and care experience. Our capabilities span the channels of value, public health, access, self-care and outcomes. EVH provides unique and customized strategies for each client engagement in order to meet the specific goals of individual projects while maintain a focus on reducing cost, improving quality and enhancing the healthcare consumer’s experience of care.


At EVH, we not only provide strategic counsel, but deliver operational excellence from concept development through implementation. As we formulate strategies for brands and businesses, we solicit the input of market stakeholders in policy, public health, advocacy, academia, media and research. Leveraging healthcare landscape insights, diverse stakeholder perspectives and applied economics can lead to more comprehensive and creative solutions, which will enable our clients to achieve their desired outcomes.


We believe that maintaining meaningful relationships with clients and customers can generate desired outcomes. EVH fully supports key account needs, will interact with external parties on behalf of the client and provides supplementary resources, as needed.

At EVH, we support our clients as they seek to deliver value as measured through lower cost, better care and improved outcomes. Our team of professionals formulate and execute sustainable strategies, in alignment with client objectives, that are responsive to the dynamics of today’s healthcare marketplace. Our mission is to help our clients bring added value to the healthcare consumer and the Healthcare System.


EVH Capabilities

The EVH team offers a wide range of services to assist our clients in meeting their objectives.



• Innovation

• Business Development

• Commercialization

• Self-Care Technologies

• Rx-to-OTC Switch

• MCO Channel

• Healthcare Policy

• Partnerships

• Access


• Sales Strategy

• Channel Planning

• Forecasting

• Launch Execution

• Contracting

• Stakeholder Engagement

• Research

Advanced Analytics

• Data Analysis

• Performance

• Forecasting

• Outcomes

• Comparative Effectiveness

• Trending Models

• Business Reporting

Strategic Communications

• Message Architecture

• Information Design

• Identity

• Positioning

• Syndication

• Media

We are a WBENC-certified

women owned business.

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