Shaping Solutions
for Better Healthcare

Shaping solutions for better healthcare depends on informed decision-making. Our partnerships help us to have a clear view of innovation across healthcare, and to have the relationships necessary to act on opportunities


EVH is at the Hub
of Business, Healthcare & Data

Business Case Development
Financial Modeling 
Payment and Reimbursement

Process Performance and Algorithms
Statistical Analysis and Research
Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards
Risk Adjustment Models
Collaborative Communities
Consumerism and Engagement




Consumers are at the
Center of their Own Healthcare Data

In a mobile world, there exists an increasingly important role for
the consumer to play in managing and sharing health and care
data. When consumers are aware of this role, and accept the responsibility, they can ensure that all required stakeholders have access to the information required for safe and cost-effective care.



We bring a deep knowledge of business, healthcare & data systems
to the design of process algorithms
for client change & growth

EVH is an expert at using data, including elusive healthcare data to drive business decisions and innovation. EVH helps clients to collect, store, retrieve and present data in a way
that enables business decisions and quantifies investment risk.


Models — where algorithms work in tandem — are the
future of healthcare. There is plenty of buzz about artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, but models are the real source of power for the future. Models run a “closed loop” process, which continuously collects data; informing better models, making products and services better, and making outcomes more certain.

by Mary Alice Lawless

Business Intelligence,
Digital Models & Process Algorithms
for Healthcare Innovation

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